Képzések, Tevékenységek

“The European elections – Lessons Learned and Future Implications”

Throwback: WMCES/KKA/RSI collaborative project is back to Cluj-Napoca, Romania, this time inviting representatives of EPP/WMCES affiliated organizations, involved as analysts and professional staff throughout the 2019 EP election period, to discuss the pre- and post-electoral developments and trends, evaluate the achieved results in light of the EPP parties’ application of big data, research and analysis throughout the election preparation period, as well as the impact of the latter on strategy formulation and implementation. Our gratitude to the contributors to the first day agenda, Gavin Synnott, WMCES for his reflection on the communication efforts of EU-level parties and the limitations of political foundations; Nathan Shepura, EPP for his perspective on monitoring and evaluation of strategy and cooperation with national-level parties; Jakab Adorján, RMDSZ for the analysis of voter mobilization and motivation strategies; and our great trainees for their views on the application of foundations’ research and analytics in strategy design and implementation, as well as analyses of the key points of regional elections and comparison of the outcomes vs outlined goals.

Cluj-Napoca: Second day program agenda featuring a wide range of topics and discussions centered around the power balance and the future of EPP from Vincze Loránt, MEP perspective; preparation for the EU elections and cooperation by parties and post-election developments, as well as evidence-based analysis on power dynamics inside the EU political factions delivered by VoteWatch EuropeEurope CEO Doru Peter Frantescuu; framework of communication and interaction between party and candidate – joint action and messaging (CSU case) by Norman Blevins, HSS. The event was wrapped up by the concluding remarks of the organizers and certificate award. Sincerest gratitude to our supporting partners Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies and Kós Károly Akadémia Alapítvány(and Graban Zsolt-Attila in particular) for their involvement and organizational support throughout the implementation of this project – we hope it was a mutually beneficial experience for our invited experts and participants. Looking forward to future collaboration

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